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Our Firm  

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We have a long history of providing services to our clients to ensure their projects meet their investment objectives and are delivered safely, within budget, schedule and to the required quality and standards. 


ECCONE is a leading player in Client project implementation and has developed a comprehensive competency in project management.

Under the
ECCONE umbrella, this strategic alliance enables us to deliver a broad, plethora of skills and deliver the personal service associated with a smaller-sized firm. Concurrently, we provide the highest levels of experience, expertise and reliability that you’d expect from a larger firm.

Our Project Management Consultancy team offers wide-ranging services to manage all project phases: feasibility studies, design and start-up, detailed engineering and procurement, construction, commissioning, and handover. 

ECCONE can facilitate an efficient package of construction management services to match your requirements at any level. We commit to providing the highest standard across all our service areas.

We have a wide range of experience across the whole construction industry with highly trained multi-skilled personnel. We aim to provide professional and practical project management services to clients, designers and contractors within the residential construction sector with dynamic consistency. 

We are always keen to work with our clients to meet their specific needs, so please let me know if we can help make the service more bespoke to your project.

Our Values



We ensure that clients are always happy with our team and the degree of senior management involvement. We aim to build ongoing, long-term relationships.



We’re committed to being thoroughly approachable and responsive. We work to agreed programmes, offering a comprehensive service and taking the time to understand the overall needs of your business clearly.



We always endeavour to introduce new ideas and processes wherever possible and show creativity in our project proposals.

We team up the client and specialists personnel as needed, with no duplication of roles.

ECCONE's proposed methodology is structured to control the project's time, cost, and quality, thus enhancing the project's success and increasing the client's satisfaction. This is achieved by applying development and management tools to determine the optimum development plan, project management systems, construction, commissioning, and operation and maintenance processes. 

ECCONE will be accountable for ensuring that the allocated resources are used appropriately to complete the project. A variety of stakeholders will be involved, including the client, policymakers, administrators, financial advisors, accountants and legal advisors, designers, contractors, speciality consultants tenants and social groups. We will work to understand and respect each team member's project goals and requirements while focusing on completing the project within budget and on schedule.

ECCONE will put in place the necessary resources to ensure that the client's interests are protected at every stage and that a superior quality project is delivered.


Comprehensive Capability

Eccone approaches each project with the confidence that we can deliver leadership, innovation, and project ownership to our clients. We have established several intranet-based system tools to provide best practice guidance to ensure that our projects are managed consistently throughout the UK with full client interactive capability.

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