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Our Service

We perform all services, meeting and exceeding the highest standards for external companies and clients.

Health and Safety  Consulting 

We offer you the peace of mind in knowing that your Health and Safety is 100% fit for purpose, with our hugely experienced consultants here to protect your team and boost your business credentials too.”

Eccone can provide competitive tenders in respect of the following:

Site health and safety  packages

CDM Consultant to the ClientPrincipal Designer  

Principal Contractor

Pre-Construction Information

Construction Phase Plans

Method Statement and Risk Assessment Reviews

Project Management  Consulting

A project's success concerning cost-effectiveness, schedule compliance, safety, operability, and maintainability depends on the project management team and its integration with the Client contractor's project team and the client's representatives. 

During the construction phase of a project, we provide close supervision and related services to coordinate the project with the Principal Contractor, Design Professionals and Sub consultants. 

Our Project Managers oversee a contractor's work to ensure proper construction techniques, materials, equipment, and personnel are employed throughout the project's duration and monitor the contractor's progress and compliance with the contract documents. 

Eccone provides a close review of a contractor's sequence of operations and progress schedule to ensure the project's successful and timely completion.

Here’s what we provide:

Establish and maintain a tracking system for all Project construction records (RFI’s, AI’s, CVI's, EOT)

Chair all meetings scheduled by the Owner or Project Engineer and provide minutes

Review the Contractor’s Project Schedule, Schedule of Values, Submittal Schedule, and Equipment Matrix and list of proposed subcontractors

Review periodic updates of all schedules with Owner and Contractor

Conduct Pre-Construction Conference at the site prior to start of construction by the Contractor

Be Client’s representative during the Construction Phase, advising and consulting accordingly

Visit the site at least once each week during construction to observe the progress and quality of the Work

Ensure that consultants visit the site at least once each week to observe progress and quality of the Work related to the consultant’s discipline

Submit written reports of site visits and meetings

Keep the Owner  informed of the progress and quality of the Work

Prepare an agenda, conduct, and provide minutes for monthly job conferences with all parties attending

Certify Contractor’s Application for Payment in an appropriate amount

Provide assistance in the review of the Contractor’s requests for change orders

Prepare Change Orders for the Owner’s approval and execution

Review Contractor’s guarantees and warranties

Review as-built documents for completeness at Substantial Completion and Final Completion

Review Contractor’s record drawings, O&M  instructions, and all other close-out documentation

Structural & Temporary Works Design 

Eccone has a history of temporary works design experience. 
Our structural engineer partners can provide advice, design or checking services for a range of temporary works and along with our extensive civil, structural and health and safety experience, we can guide the most efficient way to tackle the issue of temporary work in isolation or as part of the more comprehensive project.

Our drive is to provide our clients with the highest service level to ensure we deliver safe, practical and economical solutions. We work closely with our clients to develop the concept, establish a full brief and provide their requirements.

Typical services include:

Ground Works

  • Excavation Shoring

  • Piling Mats

  • Crane Foundations

  • Cofferdams/Shafts

  • Tunnel Shoring

  • Foundation and Underpinning

  • Slope Stability

  • Embedded retaining walls

Structural Support

  • Falsework

  • Formwork (proprietary and bespoke)

  • Propping

  • Temporary Platforms/Decks/Roofs

  • Façade Retention


  • Structural works feasibility assessments


  • Extensions, loft conversions & structural alterations

  • Specific Structural Surveys

  • Value Engineering

  • BIM

  • Technical Advisor On High Rise Buildings

  • Seismic Design (EC8/ IBC)

  • 3D Modelling Revit / RHINO

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